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AutoCAD is one of the world’s most well-known CAD software. It is produced by AutoDesk with thousands of people using it on a daily basis. AutoCAD skills are highly valued in many industries including architecture, engineering, product design and more. Having a knowledge of AutoCAD makes grasping of other CAD software easy.

In this article, we share all the commands and shortcuts from A to Z in a downloadable form (image). We also make it available in form of a sticker you can print out and put on your keyboard for easy (memory) recollection.

The commands are listed below in alphabetical order:

A to C


E to K

L to O

P to Q

R to S

T to Z

The Shortcuts follows below:

AutoCAD One key Shortcut

AutoCAD One Key Shortcuts

Toggles and screen management

AutoCAD toggles and Screen Management

Below are the printable stickers. Kindly let us know if you encounter any problem with the printing or with use by leaving a message at the comment section of this post.

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