I went home with my families back home, a lot of things crossed mind that I can't even mention. I was even suspicious of the innocent people that greeted us on the way, because I believed everyone who looked at me at that moment was for the issue that just occurred though it wasn't so. 

Wow! It was Xmas! It was a time I’ve always loved. I was home alone, no one to scold me, no one to order me around, no restraint, it was just me and me!

This year’s Xmas mustn’t be boring, and the only thing I could think of was to take mom’s car out to move around, see wonderful places and anything that later crossed my mind on the way.
Though I wasn’t so good at driving, I drove round the street first, even to places that weren’t in line with my destination, I drove round with the driver’s seat window completely trimmed down, so people could see the dumbass could drive and anyone who made an eye contact with me I gave an eyelift with a wink.
I later drove down to a supermarket, I parked my car outside. I opened the door gently and Coming out of the car took longer than it should, I guessed I did that to get noticed of.
I bounced on my sneakers and stood straight, walked gigantically into the supermarket though I was cashless, I took a basket with me and gathered stuffs, so many stuffs! I was just picking all that I would have wished to buy supposing I was with unlimited cash.

After gathering so much that carrying it was getting too stressful, I switched to the shopping truck which could gather more goods. As I was getting more attention from people, I started swinging my car keys around my index finger to flaunt, and phew! It flew away. I dropped all that I had packed at once as I got anxious. (Where could it have dropped? and how many corners would I have to search to find my keys)
I pulled of my sneakers, rolled up my sleeves, searched and searched crawling on the floor like a little child, I was messed up, looking fancy didn’t even mean a thing to me right then, all what I wanted was to find the car keys out at all cost.

After searching everywhere, without anyone to help, all I could think of was reporting to one of the supermarket’s staff, so I went ahead to inform a male officer there. He made the complaint to a higher ranked officer which came up with the idea of finding the car keys through the CCTV cameras, that was a good idea but what about the part that I was packing goods which I never intended to buy, “they will have to see that also and what if they ask me to pay?” – I was thinking. But I didn’t have a choice but stick to the plan, since I must get the car keys by all means.

We rewinded the CCTV camera, I felt so uneasy as we got to the part I was scared of, the officer later spotted where the car keys dropped, we went there to get it and handing the keys over to me, he, smiling, said ” I’m so happy to find this for you, the happiness of our customers is our priority, if you don’t have any more things to pick I will help you push the trolley down there for payment” “oh! Ne.. Ne.. Never mi.. mind sir… I’m grateful” -I said with a cracking voice while he replied “I insist” I held my car keys tight, tighten up my sneakers as I took to my heels, getting out of the supermarket, behold my car was gone, I looked back, behold legions of officers running after me, I looked around and found my car being towed away, I kept running after it until I was caught by the officers, I was damned tired already, I was beaten to a pulp before any other thing, then a giant officer grabbed me up and placed me on his shoulder as I felt a soft continuous pat with the word “Get up kid!” – By my mom, I sat up immediately, sweating profusely “it was all a dream?! But why didn’t mom wake me up before I was beating so badly in my dream” – I said in thought “why were you so deep in sleep on Christmas day?!” – says my mom… I sighed deeply as I laid down gently, saying “it was a dream.. It was a dream… It was a dream… It was a dream…” ( I guessed I should have known it was a dream all along, since my mom never had such a car and how could a Dumbass as me drive?)

Written by Hanspheezy.

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