“Happy new year!” – our proprietor welcomed us on the assembly ground, he admonished us and talked to us about different things that could help us succeed greatly this new term and new year. I was so attentive to him; he spoke with passion, sincerity of heart and with great captivative expressions.
Down deep in my heart I was sober. I determined I was going to come out with flying colours this time around.
I kept the decision in my mind, didn’t share with any. Though negative thoughts crossed my mind, like: “Can any good thing come out of a Dumb guy?” and so many other discourageable thoughts, but I never repented on my decision.
It was never an easy decision for a dumb like me to just decide to beat everyone in class in just a short period for learning, in a school and class where people like Asa Samuel, Adams Grace and Michael king – the king of them all were (he was a king in studies as his name implies) he never really reads, I guessed he was a genius, he was always gentle in class and didn’t mingle with bad guys.

Something later crossed my mind, “since I wish to do well in school, I will need the help of those doing well already” – I said. I decided that was what I was going to do, I thought of plans to get closer to king since he was the best student both in studies and characters, though I was scared because I was conscious of not getting disgraced by him but I still had to follow the plan.
I started by following him around though he wasn’t aware (and if he was, that’s up to him to know), I made his route home mine just to get intimated with him, my classmates started giving me some suspicious look, since they knew the direction to my house was the opposite of the direction I followed (which I followed to get along with the genius guy) I started making him to notice me, I requested to help him with his bag sometimes, I knew it felt strange but I couldn’t think of something else (You shouldn’t expect a better plan from a dumbass like me), after several trial he accepted the offer, he knew something wasn’t really right, he knew I was up to something, he then started using me as his robot, I would always be the one carrying his bag, this time I didn’t even need to offer help and whether I’m willing or not I still had to carry his bag. For a second, I thought I couldn’t continue with it, but since I had gone that far, going back would just be making more fun of myself ( because I already made a fun out of myself at the moment I decided to go by such a plan like this).

After many services I had rendered as a bag carrier, on one faithful day, he said “hey dumb! What do you need from me?”
I smiled right within me and was like “oh! Really?” The “Dumb” he called me sounded more like a respectful compliment and flatter at that moment. I was so happy I could finally express my mind, but I displayed a false pitiful face. I told him all I wanted from him was just an help in studies and so on… after my speech he said “how much do you plan to pay? ” my eyes got widened voluntarily as I was shocked, I gave a stammering response “Ac… Ac… Ac-tu-ally… I…” Which he interrupted as he bursted into laughter, he knew I had nothing to offer and has only teased me. He gave me sufficient details on how I could do well in my studies, inspired me, encouraged me and all other things I needed to know concerning the determination I had.
He asked if I was really ready to heed to those advice, and fully prepared to work towards my goals, I said “Yes”, and he looked at me and said “you know you don’t have brain?” – he sounded so sure about it, I said “yes”. All abusive words he used, I counted as compliments and replied with a cheerful face which I forced on myself. He laughed and turned everything into a joke, I had never seen him so playful for once until then, and that also was the first time I would be so happy in my uniform ( since I’ve been the school dumbass kid all this while, and what and who could have made me so happy in school?). We kept moving on cracking jokes and all others as we were going home (though frankly speaking, he was the one going home and not “we”, because I was just travelling away from home the more as we moved together) I was very happy I had finally got intimated with him. I stopped and was waving at him as he was going down home.

Now I felt a part of my Job was done, and I could finally say I had a plan for once in my life that ended up well. “Oh! Yea!!!” – I shouted aloud.

Written by Hanspheezy

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