Going back home; “I did it! I did it! Now it’s time for the dumbass to rule!” – I said happily with a feeling of achievement.

15minutes passed, I was still going back home, 30minutes passed I was still going back home, my mood changed, “it’s like I have lost my way”, “it’s like I’ve lost my way” “it’s like I’ve lost my way” – I repeated about 7times as I bursted into deep tears, crying so badly as I was looking around, it was dark already, I didn’t even know which side to branch to, I was just weeping, crying out loud, “what kind of plan have I made, oh lord! Ah! I don’t even need the success again, just take me back home lord!!! (Crying more badly), send me an helper! mo si genius guy tele leni (said in Yoruba), can’t this be a dream once again?! Ah!” I hastened my steps as I saw a car moving ahead of me, I followed it to the main road, and seeing more cars moving around gave me little comfort (eventhough I didn’t know where i was, but I knew since a car could pass through this place, it means I was still treading in human’s planet) and my crying slowly reduced, I was like “heeheehe… hehehe… heeee.. heee… he… he. he.. he” and snored in my running mucus.

I took a bike home, I held on tight the bike man, I was still shivering, 10minutes, we were still moving, which on a normal good day I would be home already in less than 7minutes, but 12 minutes already I still couldn’t see any traces of home, I looked around everywhere was silent, perhaps the bike man was a kidnapper, we didn’t even talk about the price to pay before he gave me the lift, I was getting more scared, jumping down from the bike could kill me more brutally than a kidnapper would, I had no choice but to start crying again, I didn’t want him to hear me crying, I smashed my face on his back as I gently soaked his dress with tears. Suddenly, the bike stopped, raising my head up I saw home, I cried out the more, shedding more tears of fright and joy, crying and laughing simultaneously, the bike man wasn’t even concerned about all I was doing, I asked for how much he was to be paid deliberately, knowing for sure I was going to pay #70 as I’ve always been paying, he collected it and to my surprise stretched forth is hand again and said “your money remain 230”, I knew it wasn’t a joke judging from his face, then I knew I had really traveled far from home just to get along with the “genius guy” (I couldn’t even think of pricing the fee since I didn’t even know where I was coming from). I had no other money than that, he gripped my chest and dipped his hands in my pocket to get any more cash, he rough handled me when he found none, it was so obvious no one was at home at the moment, I would have called on mom to help me pay, he threatened to take me back to the spot he took me from, not minding his fuel and that he would still hold on to the #70 I paid already, my heart beat was five times faster than the normal, I had been bathed with my sweat, he dragged me as I held on to a sign post, suddenly a voice cried out “hey! What’s happening over there?!” I stretched my neck to check and behold it was monstella, “Oh! Thank you God”- I cried aloud, I was the one that ran to her this time, for the first time, she appeared at a time I needed her. She paid the money and settled the whole issue.

I was happy she came at the right time, which happened to be the first time I would be happy with her visit.
“Why do I always have to fall into a mess anytime I believed my plan was already perfected, none of my plans has ever been recorded successful, not just for once in my lifetime” I knew even if I planned to fail, the plan to fail will eventually fail – that was the degree of my dumbness.

The whole day passed by.

On the following day, I prepared for school, I was set, whether my mom got to know about what happened the previous day or not, I didn’t know, and if she knew, the fact that she didn’t mention it was quite a relief.
Getting to school on that day, “how did you make it home yesterday?” – I heard the word, looking behind me, it was the genius guy, I was shocked and looked at him with contempt, “how do you mean?”- I said, and he said “Yea! That’s part of your lessons, so what did you learn yesterday?” “Learn?” I was more confused than you are now. He then laughed me to scorn and said “You’ll forever remain a dumb!, I made you lose your way yesterday to make you realize you can be alone at times, and then during that period, you take some decisions that will profit you without relying on anyone and if the decision fails, you have No one to blame than yourself, so build self-confidence!” (Really?! because all I knew I learnt that yesterday was not to trust a genius guy who looks gentle but could make you lose your way home)
I was just staring at him and thought – “If only this guy knew what happened yesterday he won’t talk about me and self-confidence, and did he just say ‘if my decision fails’, if it’s my decision though, I know where it always end”
So, I just said “okay, that’s a nice plan, I got home yesterday and I’m back today, obviously” and he said “Yea, cool” (I said I got home, that was true, but “how I got come” that I couldn’t mention).

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