Right from that day, he started giving me some lessons after school hours, the stress was much, but why would I complain since the person i was even stressing just to teach me was not complaining. We continued like that for long, though we skipped some lessons during tests’ weeks and some other days or weeks we had no choice but to.

He helped me in so many ways, even far beyond the aspect of studying , he helped in my spiritual life, he helped me build self-confidence, I got to know there were still some things achievable by this Dumbass, I studied hard, thanks to the genius guy, thanks to God.

I got to know how it feels to study hard and how it feels to see lazy students claiming the hardworking ones’ results cunningly, these made me pick up an habit of reporting students who cheated, and they got their penalty always. I felt the pains in my bones whenever I found anyone partaking in any form of malpractices.

Sadly, during the last test I wrote before it was time for final examination, I got penalized for allegedly taking part in examination malpractice. I was suspended for few weeks, I missed a lot of classes. Till tomorrow, I am yet to find out how I was involved in the malpractice, I guess my mistake was not minding my business in the class, and that was just a payback I got from those that have been penalized through me. Whether I was wrong or right, the fact remains that I suffered for it already, and nothing could change that. I guess I was so easy to be framed for taking part in examination malpractice due to my previous performances in class. My mom never knew about my suspension in school till the periods was over, and no references were made to it thereafter. I still left home early in uniform, dressed well, I never made my mom suspicious of anything (though that was the only time my plan didn’t end in tears) I couldn’t afford getting my mom to know of it, because that would be the end of my education, and I strongly doubt I would be enrolled for any handwork, because all hope would’ve been lost on me already. Despite my poor performances all this while and threatenings from my mom to stop my education after the woeful results I had always tendered, she still forced herself to sponsor my education. With all these, I couldn’t imagine my mom getting aware of my suspension and the reason for it. Though I’ve been poor academically, but I’ve never been alleged with such a crime.

During my period of suspension, I never relented in my effort to get a good grade. I would say the genius guy was a God-sent, how I made my mom unaware of my suspension, all my boldness and unrelenting efforts, everything was only possible thanks to the genius guy, (and i guess the only reason my plan didn’t end in tears this time was because it wasn’t my idea, but the genius’) I can’t imagine how many times I would have wet my pants with tears in despair if not for the encouragements and ideas from the genius guy. Michael king continued the lessons with me at another place during my suspension period, and everything went well and well till my suspension in school was over.

Written by Hanspheezy

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