Finally! It was time for Exam; a time to reflect all my tireless effort.
Exam week came and passed, I did the exam as usual, hoping for a good result this time.

At length! The day arrived; it was the end of the year's party day, every student around to see the results of their examinations, individuals with high expectations. I was scared of what I could come up with this time and couldn't bring many people along as I earlier did, even my mom came late for the programme since she never expected much from a dumb.    

Right then I became hopeless, couldn’t guess what my hard works could earn me, I wished they stop calling our positions publicly, because I was afraid of being the best poor student again.

Ceremony started and was moving on cool, it was time for the presentation of gifts for the best three students as usual.
The woman in charge took over:
…. “The 3rd position is Adams Grace!”….
“Finally I failed again” – I solemnly told myself. (All hope was lost!)
“The 2nd position is O… so… gbon… Phi.. lip” – she stammered for either of these reasons; out of astonishment that I was second or she had been used to calling me dumb and was never able to learn how to pronounce my real name properly.

Suddenly!, I felt a tight grip on my left arm as my mom dragged me up to the platform with great joy to celebrate me, I didn’t even notice astutely it was my name, because it sounded strange to me, the last time I heard someone call me by my name in school was when I just got admitted, I guess they were yet to find out I was dumb then.
“was that my name? Someone tell me what’s going on” “what have I done again? Do they want to expel me finally?” – Many thoughts crossed my fragile mind at that instant.
Standing on the platform and looking around, I could see how astonished everyone was from their facial expression, snapping out of their shock, they all rose up and cheered me up with claps. (I wished I had invited fans and crowd this time like I did previously) My hand was shaking as I received my prize, the last time I got something official from someone in the school was when I collected my suspension letter.

  Actually, I thought the day this kind of memorial event was going to happen, I would shout  and cause a lot of commotion out of joy, but it was not, I was sober, my eyes were filled with tears (couldn't say if it was of joy or astonishment), as it rained. 

It was apparently not my effort that earned me this.
It was God!
(I wondered if I even really deserved this from God, when I remembered how I made my only friend to perish, this would have been a more blessed day for me, having my friend with me, being converted, witnessing the fulfillment of all he had always wished for me and encouraged me about).

Out of the cheer that rose from the crowd, I heard a distinct loud voice
“That’s my boy!”
Looking intensely within the crowd, it was a young man in suit, with a black brief case held in his right hand.
Behold! It was my Dad!
I was shocked! Haven’t seen my dad in a very long time. What a great moment to see him again, I’m sure he would have hidden his head amongst the crowd if I had not done well.
I could see the pride and happiness of being a father to the dumb that ended up in the 2nd position all over his faces.
All my happiness, joy and surprise that moment, I expressed with profuse tears.
The first position wasn’t even celebrated as mine was, on that very day. Of course, as usual, the first was Michael King, who really played an efficient role in my academic success. I was more grateful to him in my heart than how I appreciated him, no “thanks” or praise could have been enough to repay his kindness. I remembered how I had to trace my way back home with tears as a lesson from Michael king, how I got suspended from school, how I got bullied…
And I burst into laughter!
It was a great day! I did well at the least time everyone expected something from me.
Suddenly! I woke up from my dream, wow! It was a nice dream!
(I mean I woke up from my dream after sleeping on the day of the end of the year’s partying which I got the second position)
I never wished it was just a dream either! It was damned real!
And guess how we celebrated the holiday?
It was the whole family in the beach!
You know how I feel when I’m in the beach, right? This time there was no one to hit my cheeks, the holiday went so well in the beach.

I remembered when I made the decision on the assembly, to make a great change this time around which I did, and I would have loved to say “finally! I later carried out a plan that didn’t end in tears” but I can recall I wept (either out of joy or whatsoever) even when I had the second position.
From then, was the beginning greatness! It was a drastic change!
All Glory to God! It was never easy being a

                  THE END

Written by @Hanspheezy

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