Vigil started; it was time for prayer, everyone was praying earnestly as my pastor was leading the prayer with scary prayer points (prayer points like: “Every spiritual demon smoking in the heads of man, keeping them from prospering in life, the thunder of God should smoke them alive”) with a very deep and thunderous voice. At that moment I thought that could be the reason behind my dumbness. I screamed “oh lord!!! I pray!!! Every!!!…. “a spirit just whispered to my ears like a mess “shut up! you chronic sinner”, I paused, open my eyes and look around, everyone was still praying vigorously and sweating, my own sweat was more profuse (not for praying but for the fright of the voice that whispered), turning back to go get some fresh air outside, guess who I saw.. (It was monstella! I wouldn’t dare go out), “why was she always concerned about my issue than anything else?” i asked myself. (she paid more attention to me than anyone else), streams of sweat flowed down from my head to my toes, anyone who saw me at that moment will rate me as the best prayer warrior thinking I had prayed fervently and started sweating so profusely (though not anyone from my church would think that, because they all knew I didn’t even know how to pray). You can’t imagine how awful it was to have an eye contact with monstella at that particular situation I was.

I became very anxious, I felt like strangling her to death. Monstella will never smile at me, (if only I could tell her how ugly she looked while frowning at me) the only person I could tolerate was that my pastor, he understood me and always bear with me, he always find a time to cheer me up, encourage and advise me about my education and other sensitive aspects.

We finished the vigil, I was very happy to leave the church, at that moment I realized what freedom met to the parolees – prisoners released on parole. I felt sober, but the sobriety never lasted for long, (why?) Something had crossed my mind, “tomorrow is Saturday, I will have to wake up and do a lot of chores, like washing dishes and daddy’s clothes, cleaning the compounds and other stressful chores” I came up with an idea, I nodded and grinned like a Cheshire cat.

I woke up on Saturday morning; i had locked my door yesternight so this morning there would be no one to wake me up for chores thinking I was asleep. I checked my time it was past 11 already, i opened the door slightly to see what was going on, strangely, it was quiet like a grave yard. I came out of the room but couldn’t find anyone, called out for everyone but there was no response, “has the rapture taken place?!!!” (Sounds more like a rhetorical question) I screamed, putting my two hands on my head…

Written by PHILIP OSOGBON (Hanspheezy)

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