My hands on my head, with intense fear the rapture could have taken place.

I got weak, didn’t know what to do. I went to the dining room (I needed to feed my hungry soul), took a seat, I saw a dish, excited! I sat right and positioned myself in anticipation of what meal it was. I opened it with a smile on my face, suddenly; my facial expression changed, “what’s this?”, it was a note, I opened and started reading “I believe you are awake now, we all went for a family weekend at the beach, we would be back, soothe yourself” I was sad, how could they have left me!, what pained me most was aspect of the beach, it was my idea we go to the beach someday, perhaps during a holiday, and now I have just lost a chance to visit the beach I have wished to visit for long, due to the foolish idea from my dumb brain. I had never done a thing right, neither for myself nor for anyone else.
I decided to make them happy when they arrive, so I determined to make the whole compound clean and tidy before food. I started from the living room, tidied up the whole house and compound. The whole job was well done successfully, I thought of any special thing I could do to make my mom happier. There was this relic my mother had kept for long, it was a big specially-designed jar made for my great grandfather when he retired as the head of a palm wine group, he personally gave it to my mom while about to die, my mom was his favorite among his great grandchildren of his wives. My mom loved it dearly; receiving it was a great privilege. I decided to wash it and make it sparkle, after the cleaning I took it back to my mom’s shelf, about to drop it I heard a knock (I could discern my mom’s knock), dropped it in haste to open the door, expecting a big gratitude from my mom for the works I had done, as I was by the door, I heard a shattering sound (The jar had fell and broken),”should I open dis door or not? “I said, shivering (I won’t say what happened 2 my pants but it just became wet)…

Written by PHILIP OSOGBON (Hanspheezy)

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