While contemplating on what to do, my mom hit the door hard, I was scared out of my wit, I had to open the door, mom welcomed me with joy all over her face and said “You remember the that big old jar? Guess what an auctioneer promised to pay 15million naira for it, he plans to auction it! “I forced a smile on my face; I knew what I had done. She went in to get the jar, few seconds after, she yelled: “my goodness! Come over dumbass!!!”
(I had just made us lose a chance of becoming rich) Instead of getting reward for d job I had done, it was the other way round, I had to fast (sounded more like hunger strike) throughout the whole day as punishment, since mom never used cane.

Weekend was over, it was on Monday morning, I was reluctant to go to school, but who would allow me to skip school when I didn't even cope well with my 100% attendance. I couldn't but go to school. During break-time in school I was just sitting gently (still vexed about how much I had suffered throughout the weekend, I was punished more than I can explain for breaking that stuff) when this big guy hit me with a stone, (one reason I never wanted to come to school, I always got bullied) I threw back mine but since I wasn't good at anything, my target hit the classroom louvers and shattered it. Before I knew it the principal had summoned me, I was placed in detention inside the principal's office all day, but one good news was finding where our exam papers were kept. I believed it was a blessing i got locked up.  

I took a copy each of all our exam papers and kept it inside my cloth when I was alone. I studied it at home so vigorously, and got the answers to them all, memorized it all for exams, throughout our exam I was always the first to submit, which made everybody started questioning me, they believed I wrote my nonsense again, they never even believed I even had a brain. And the only reason for that was because I always came first in every session (when I say first I mean if we were to start counting from the last.. I just needed to respect myself). It was our end of the year party day, I had invited many of my friends and families to witness the giving of gifts to the people in 1st - 3rd positions, I was sure the first position would be mine, how could I fail any subject after getting the question paper to study before exam. After the celebrations it was time for gifts distribution, the chair person started calling the names after necessary greetings and co "the 3rd position is Asa Samuel! “(I was happy I didn't fall into 3rd position) "2nd position is Adams Grace!" They cheered up, took pix and others.

I was more happy, I felt how it was to be first, I cleaned my shoes, fashioned up myself, as i was up already I told my followers i came with to get up and cheer me up as my name will soon be called, we were clapping, and I was winking at everyone who made an eye contact with me, (people were wondering why this dumb boy that always took last is this happy)    "Now the champion of this class, the most incredible student that occupied the first!  Position!!  Is!!!!!.... 

Written by PHILIP OSOGBON (Hanspheezy)

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