… Michael king!!!… I was like

“WTF!!! Are you kidding me? “

Looking around I could see my face in everyone’s eye balls, then i realized what they call “all eyes on me” as I slowly fainted. I woke up as water was splashed through my face, my eyes were still closed, I was smiling, happy because it was all a dream, I opened my eyes, behold numerous forms of head and faces. “What?! It wasn’t a dream?!!! “If only I could die for a moment till everyone was gone.

My shame would have been lesser if I hadn’t invited legions thinking I was going to be the first. I had only made the whole issue worst. “Why can’t I do something right for once?!!” that’s how I had always asked myself.
I came to think of it, I had seen the questions already before exam, studied and written them successfully (At least i could put down all I had crammed before exam, although it all went off as I stepped out from there). So how come I was neither first, second nor third? On the final day in school, after the End of the year party, it was always the last day of the week of vacation (Friday), it was a day we collect out exam scripts and for collection of results for those who couldn’t get theirs at the right time.

I was the first to arrive, being anxious, curious and uneasy as to how my cheat earned me no position. As more people arrived, more attention was on me, they were like “that’s that brainless guy that fainted”… (Tragic! if only I could be popular for something else)
As soon as I received the results, i took it home; I was even scared to check. Later in the night i took the result, as I opened it, the brightness strucked my eyes as if I would go blind, after I managed to adjust my eyes, the sheet was full of red letters only, only my names and the printed letters had a different colour than red and of course the principal’s signature and co. But all other things pertaining to my result was… (I don’t need to mention).

I went through the scripts and then I realized what happened – there had been a little changes in the question paper, the questions had been edited since they found out some of the papers were missing and surely someone was up to something, I don’t know if they suspected me, but whether they did or not, they had ruined my life already. Since the questions to the answers I crammed had been changed, automatically I had failed, and that was why I had 0% parallel in all subjects. The worst result ever! (I think I deserved a price or at least should be recorded in the guiness book of record) . Now I know I’m really a dumbass as I was nicknamed.
Hey! Dumbass!!! Won’t you bring your result?!!! – Mum yelled

I was like “WTF!!! Not this time mom”

Written by PHILIP OSOGBON (Hanspheezy)

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