I showed her my red-lettered result. To my biggest surprise, she never scolded me, abused me or raised any alarm. She was always quiet anytime she was so enraged and in despair.
Her silence gave me more knowledge of her mind. I knew she had completely lost faith in me, explaining why my result was so poor would have been worse. How could I tell her I cheated; it went wrong, bounced back on me and so on.…
I wondered if I was dyslexic, perhaps there was something I didn’t even know about myself, “have I ever been operated upstairs?” “Has my brain been used for ritual?” “Am I destined to be dumb?” – I kept asking myself a lot of questions no one could give me an answer.

I never thought I could prosper in my studies, if I couldn’t even have faith in myself, then who could? Anyways, there was someone in my neighborhood who believed in me, he always tried to convince me I could still be brilliant, all to no avail, because I won’t even listen properly. He was softhearted and he was the only friend of this dumbass, although we rarely hang out together. I didn’t know (neither do I now) what made him had such a believe in a dumbass like me.

There was this program that always came up every vacation period for the youths. I didn’t like going, (off course I never wished to go for any church service), but I never had an option.
As usual, monstella urged me to invite someone at all cost. To take the burden off my shoulder, I invited my only friend to the programme.
On the day of the programme, I was home alone and so taking a nap, I heard a knock on the door from my dream. Opening the door, behold it was monstella ( waking me up from my dream was annoying and she being the one to wake me up was more annoying) Seeing her scary face again my countenance changed, seeing her in the night would have made me wet my pants.

She hurried me up to dress and go get my friend so we could both attend the programme, and get there early.
The programme started with praise and worship, even though my friend was singing with passion, I just kept quiet looking around and when I made an eye contact with monstella I just started saying nonsense and waving my hands without being in uniform with other’s.
“Mtcheew…this Monster, am I the only one in our church?” – I asked myself

Written by Hanspheezy

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