I was always vexed with the way she always put more attention on me. 

Moving forward in the programme, it was time for the Message by our state overseer. He emphasized more on salvation, my friend was so attentive, being lighthearted he was getting emotional when he heard about the suffering of Christ for mankind. I was now even focused on his face more than the pastor.

After the pastor’s message, he called for an altar call for those ready to give their live to Christ, my friend stood up and as he was about to join the crowd, running towards the altar, I stopped him, “where are you going?” he told me with sobriety he needed to go, and that all his sinful lifestyle must come to an end. He said that with tears filling his eyeballs. I looked at him with disdain, “why would you do this?” “Will you forsake your girlfriend?” “Will you now turn yourself to SU and start wearing big trousers and so on?” I said a lot of things that made him stayed back, even though he was still remorseful, he didn’t go out for the altar call neither did he pray for forgiveness, nevertheless he remained in his sad countenance.

After the programme, we left before monstella could show up.
As we were going home on a bike, one of the bike’s tyre got bursted and the last thing I remembered was we sliding under a Coke-transport vehicle.

Waking up, I was in the hospital, found myself on the bed, weak to the bones. For 5minutes I wasn’t in my right senses, when I later got back, the first question I asked was where my friend was. Sadly, sadly, sadly, he had died from the accident.
I felt a gross guilt inside me, “he felt sober hearing the world of God, but I’ve been used by the devil to take away his chance, if only I had known that would be his last chance, I wouldn’t have stopped him” – I said to myself in sore tears. Is this how death really comes, I lost the only friend I was having, and the best thing I could do for him was to hinder his spirit from resting in peace in heaven at the last moment of his life.
I regretted my action.

Written by Hanspheezy

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