We went to his house to express our condolences. His parents were in great grief. But within me i felt more grief (not being able to share to anyone made the guilt stronger in me). I decided to give my life to Christ (My friend’s issue was quite a lesson for me), I prayed and I believed I was now born again, I felt a new spirit in me, all my hopes, believes, plans, dreams and goals changed.

Couple of months after, on a faithful Saturday, I found myself in the beach!!! A Dream finally came to pass, it was just a surprise made for me by my mom. Though I didn’t know what made her so happy to have done that for me. The funniest part was that it was just me and no one else but me, she even left me alone to myself telling me i could stay as long as I wished and when I feel like coming back home I should do.
It was a cool moment visiting the beach, I had a nice view, it was more cooler than watching them in movies, I played with the beach sand like a kid, made different shapes with the sand, buried myself halfway under the soil as I had always watched in movies.

When it was getting late I got a call from home but I refused to go (the fun continues).
I also made new friends there, which I believed it was due to their ignorance of how dumb i was.
I almost suffocated a Mopo’s child by burying him up to his face with the beach sand, the stroke of the Mopo’s palm on my cheek could engrave the prints of one’s five fingers on a rock.
The first thing I remembered was mom asking me to come, the heat of the slap couldn’t permit a drop of tears as my lachrymal sac would have dried up.

The most awful part was that I still had to beg though the Mopo didn’t pay attention to me but his son who had chewed an handful of beach sand.
Looking around, more people were watching than I could think of, the kind of face my new friends made up while looking at me weren’t the look meant for a normal human,( it was like, “Abi were leleyi yi?”), no family there to hide my face behind, it was just me and my problem.
The little period of shame was far more than the whole time excitement.
And at that moment, no one needed to tell it’s time for the dumbass to go home.

Written by Hanspheezy

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