Getting home after my experience at the beach, i could see smiling faces everywhere. I was told one of my uncles from the United State had visited and had put smile on everyone’s face by giving some cash.
Mom told me that was the reason she had called me earlier, which I refused to come back, I couldn’t even wait to ask more about all that had happened in my absence, neither could I ask for my share in the money since I didn’t want anyone to notice the fingers’ print on my cheeks to avoid probing me, all what I kept saying was “Yes” and “Okay” till I found my way to my room.

My sleep that day wasn’t so nice, since I couldn’t help but dream about the awful experience I had faced in the day.
I woke up the next, it was on Sunday morning, that was the first time I would wake up myself on Sunday, it was so early no one was awake to notice me, I knew God was with me since I decided to serve him, because waking up so early on that Sunday was even a miracle. Waking up early on Sunday was something I never believed I would do, the kind of sleep during that period was always specially exciting, I always go deep to the dream world and when I even wake up I would always refuse to open my eyes as soon as I realized it was Sunday.

I did some necessary things, dressed up quickly and went for church, i was happy I could be
the one to open the church’s door. But to my disappointment I had met people already in the church praying, service had started already, all along I never knew service starts so early since monstella was always the one to come and challenge me at home whenever she noticed I wasn’t around, even when the service will soon be over (Although I still wonder how she had always noticed that in a big church like ours).
I sat close to the window, wasn’t a place to easily get noticed off, I was so audient and responding to everything that was going one.

During the prayer session, our pastor gave an urgent prayer point for one of our member who got missing and was just noticed by the family this morning. I prayed so fervently, with passion and believed God will show forth his power.
The service was the best I had attended since the beginning of the year right till that moment; whereby the year was running out already, not because the service was so different this time but because that was my first time I would be attentive in the church. (This means it had been interesting all this while)
After the service, I prayed a little and while leaving the church I noticed some strange look from some of our members, there were some strange gatherings also, while I was still ruminating about what could be going on, I felt a sudden grab as I found myself in my mom’s arms.
She was like “where have you been? When did you leave home? “I was totally confused until I later got the understanding of the scenario.
I thought in my mind – “I left home early, no one was aware…. And then, they thought I was kidnapped? Reported to the church… and i ended up being the victim of the prayer point I fervently prayed upon…WTF!!! “

I was embarrassed, the congregation had eyes on me as if I was the “lost coin” referred to in the bible, how many people would I have to explain to that I wasn’t kidnapped but had just left home early, explaining that will even make them look down on my mom for being so dumb to arrive at such a conclusion, I never believed anyone could be so naive to have come to such a conclusion talkless of my mom, and for the first time, it crossed my mind Dumbness could be hereditary and probably I had inherited it from my mom.

Written by Hanspheezy

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