We provide answers to the top questions often asked

I am new to this website

We welcome you. You can learn about our products and services here. You will also learn about our partners. We offer space for adverts. Our blog gives you up-to-date information on things happening around you.

When did you start doing business?

TupleA Concept was started in the year 2016. We started as a Design Company (Graphics and machine design). Right now, we have expanded our horizon into website design and development, website management, apps developments advertisement and marketing, consultancy, business plans and proposals and lots more. We also partner with other companies. Check the partners section.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with businesses from all work of life. We partner with ICT/Computer companies, Solar/Inverter Companies, Photography/Media houses, Agro-Allied industries, footwears company etc.
Over the years, we’ve helped businesses improve customer service, market their products, and attract new customers.

How does the payment process work?

For all our projects, you will be required to pay at least 60% of the fee. You will balance on completion of the project.

What is the Mode of Payment?

Depending on the type of business transaction (physical or online), payment can be through cash, bank transfer or deposit. We are currently working on a means of accepting bitcoin and other e-currency as a form of payment.


Where do you hold training?

Depending on distance or location, our trainings takes place online and offline. We have online platforms where we train through texts, audios, videos and conference calls. We makes use of Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and the likes.

Our offline trainings takes place at our training facility. We also train staff of companies/industries in their facilities, offices.

We understand that there are people who would like to take up one or two skills but cannot leave their house. For this reason, we have created a space for home trainings.

Can I learn more than one skill?

Yes, you can learn more than one skill at a time. Your courses can run concurrently.

What is the duration of the training?

The duration varies from a course to another and is calculated based on hours. Our courses ranges between 15 and 48 hours.

Can you help me get a job after training?

We do not guarantee you a job after your training but what we do assure you is that your acquired skill will make way for you. We have a section on this website where employers can find you. You get to provide details of what you can do. If your service is needed, you will be contacted.


I want to advertise on your website

It is easy to market your goods and services on our website and all our social media platforms. Send a mail to the mail given at the top of this website.


How do I become a writer on your blog?

To be an author on our blog, you first have to register. You can contact the admin via the email at the top of this website. You should get a reply within the hour.