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The impact of covid19 on world economy cannot be fully ascertained now but have, no doubt, impacted negatively on almost everyone (except for few who are gaining from it).

In order to contribute our own quota to human development and to create an alternative means of making money at the cheapest, easiest and legal means, our company (Tuplea Concepts) have organised a FREE special training that will hold on WhatsApp.

The training focuses on equipping participants with graphic design skills using mobile phones (Android or iPhone). There, you will learn to make professional designs of flyers, logos and even learn to edit images on your phone in a way you have never imagined.

You also get to meet other professional graphic designers and tap from their wealth of knowledge and experience on how to make very attractive designs.

Enough talk. Join the group by following this link:


After joining, announce your arrival by typing, ” I AM READY FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING.”

You may want to check out our website https://tuplea.com.ng or blog https://tuplea.com.ng/blog

Call 08132380951 for more information.

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