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Have you heard of a popular saying that says, “slow and steady wins the race?”

My dear reader, that does not apply in website design business.

If your website should run slow, it means you will be losing out of customers and opportunities. 

In fact, the fastest and rapid wins the race.

That brings us to the topic for discuss today – HOW SEO & CONTENT CAN CONTRIBUTE HUGELY TO YOUR ONLINE SUCCESS.

Imagine that whenever people search for something (information, product and so on) on Google, your website find your way to the first page. See chart below

> Potential client search for something on Google

> Your site pop up on the first page

> They click on the link to your site

> You start getting huge clients and making great sales

This is an easy explanation of an optimized website and website with relevant content.


Optimization is not a day job. You have to plan and work on it. Most time you need to research “the most search keywords”, “post relevant contents”, ” be mindful of the type of picture you post” and others.

In my next articles, I’ll be explaining easy trick to optimizing your website and how you can know an optimized website.

Watch out !!!

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