This fateful day I was going home, walking slowly, but as fast as my tired legs could carry me. Then two men zoomed past me and were discussing an idea enthusiastically most likely about a building project. My curious-self wanted to hear more of the discussion but I had to resist the urge to sofofo. I was lucky enough to eavesdrop on the creative world and from there came the idea for this article. Yeah, what I got was an idea. Then, the world around me suddenly came alive and instead of seeing a host of traders and chattering people, I saw a sea of ideas all around me. It occurred to me that this world is run by ideas; that ideas are the very frameworks on which this world is run.

Yes, the world is ruled by ideas. From the market scene at Bodija to large technological firms. Every social institution and set up is run and sustained by ideas.Ideas have made the seemingly impossible possible. They have made us faster, better and more sophisticated. Ideas have impacted our worlds in far more ways than we could ever imagine. However it is important to note that ideas have a two-sided nature;that is they are either good or bad. The evil sides of idea have also impacted our lives greatly as its reverse. Of course it was someone who thought it good to blow people up. And unfortunately everyone has a share of this double nature of ideas. There is a constant battle for dominance between the good and the bad ideas in our minds. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure the good ideas win always. Once this is achieved, it is also necessary to put those good ideas to work as the essence of ideas is in their implementation.

The world is ruled and run by ideas.

We have all been at a juncture where we seem to have run out of ideas or when it seems ideas are seasonal that is they are at a peak at one time and at an all time low at the other time. Hence the need to answer the question of “Can one run out of ideas?”. The answer is no. It is impossible for one to run out of ideas but it’s very possible for ones mind to be closed to ideas.

The truth is our minds are a constant volume through which ideas flow through and it is our responsibility to ensure that our mind is always receptive to these ideas. So anytime it feels like you’ve run out of ideas, then it’s time to work on our minds by filling it with ideas stimulators and also going through others’ ideas too as ideas have this self reproducing ability. It is basically a matter of the mind. Be cautious, next time you experience a throbbing heart, don’t panic. It might just be an idea saying “Hi there”.

Emmanuel OGUNSOLA is a student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. You can reach him on +234 (0) 703 249 5175 or drop a comment for feedback.

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