What we do - ICT

Computer Aided Designs

We provide training and services in engineering, architectural and structural designs which includes machine designs, buildings/structure designs, plant and pipes designs, equipment designs among others. We use PDMS, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and other CAD software.

All our trainings are hands-on and professional. Training holds online and offline depends on location and agreed terms. All trainings are quite affordable. On demand, syllabuses for each course are made available.

Will you like to take part in any of our training? click on this link courses.tuplea.com.ng

Graphic Design

We also provide training and services in Graphic Design.

If you will like to know how to design flyers, create logo, edit pictures and put effects, know the technique of branding, discover the secret of creative artwork and lot more, then what you need is Graphic Design. We offer practical training using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw and more.

This is a huge boost for those who will like to establish a Printing Press or Publishing Industry. You will be equipped with all the necessary skills as you tap from the Deep Well of experience of our tutors who are expert in the field.

In the training, you will be taught the fundamentals of graphic design as well as advanced techniques involved in making unique designs. By learning how to work with text and images to create gift items, brochures, logos, advertisements, user interface design for websites and more, you will have an edge in the design world. All these at very affordable fee.

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Website Design and Development

We will teach you how to build world-class professional websites for companies, schools, churches, Oil and gas, real estate, government agencies, NGOs and other multi-national organizations. And you will build at least one live website before you end the training.

What you will learn includes UI/UX Design, WordPress Web Design, Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, Boostrap), build database with back end development and more

This course will equip you with the opportunity to be your own boss, increase your earnings, you have opportunity to work for multinational companies.

We also build website for companies, schools, businesses, churches and other religious organization, establishments etc. The kind of website we will build for you will be according to your purse. Link with us for your website here


One of the ways to increase creativity, and critical thinking skills through ICT learning is coding. We will teach you programming languages including JAVA, C++, HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP etc.

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Build Mobile (Android) Application

We build and develop Android Applications on health, e-commerce transportation and so on.We are the cheapest App Builders and Developers in Nigeria.


We will grow your business by bringing you a new online/Digital Marketing Strategy that helps your business grow profitably, measurable and sustainable using digital tools for market. Our experience in the marketing field will increase your sales by over 200%.

By using our website which currently boast of a thousand viewers and all our various social media platforms, we will make your products a must-have for all households.

Apart from online, we also handle physical marketing of your products and services. Give us a trial. You will not be disappointed.

Shopping Mart

We have an online Shopping Mart where we sell products. Most of these products are from our partners. At a cheap price, we can feature your products on the Mart and your account credited immediately someone buys it.

Acceptance of Bitcoin

Very soon, we will release the procedures to pay for our services through bitcoin and other electronic form of money.

What Made Us Unique

  • Our fees are quite cheap and affordable.
  • We offer the most qualitative services and so you can rely on us.
  • The kind of services we offer can be accessed both online and offline.