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Our world is now more dangerous than ever!
We live in a world where people do bad things sometimes.
We live in a world where people hurt each other sometimes.
We live in a world where basic self-defense skills are required now more than ever so as to stay safe.
Below, we gave guidelines on how to remain safe during this period:

Pay attention to your surroundings (be aware of your environment.
Put your phone and headphones away, and look around. Walking down the street with headphones in, starring at your text messages, is essentially walking down the street blind and deaf.
Look people in the eye as you pass them. Smile, nod and acknowledge their presence. Doing this shows confidence. People who are looking for someone to attack lack self-esteem. They don’t want to attack someone they might not win against.

Put your voice to good use.
Your voice is one of your most important weapons. One of the most important uses of your voice in an emergency situation is using it to alert other people that something is going on, it isn’t okay, and you need their assistance.
If you’re attacked or feel that you’re safety is threatened, use your to call attention to the situation, to dissuade your attacker from continuing, and to report the incident immediately thereafter.
Use phrases like “I don’t know you,” “Call the Police,” “Don’t Touch Me,” or better yet, “Fire.” “Fire” is a great word to yell because it will attract the attention of anyone in the area.

Protect yourself by following the guidelines in the picture. ONLY FOR SELF-DEFENSE.

We owe a responsibility to protecting ourselves.
ARK – preaches kindness to all God’s creation; human (irrespective of gender), animals and every creature that requires our help.





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