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Register for our Solidworks training in Ibadan. Learn to perform simple and complex 2D and 3D operation. Use several Solidworks commands. Model, simulate and analyse.

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Topnotch Solidworks Training Session

Learn to create 2D and 3D drawings, modify them using Solidworks tools and shortcuts, design, model, render, simulate and much more.

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About the Course


Students are introduced to Solidworks basics, system requirements, installation, activation, drawing workspace, settings, file management and others.


Students learn to create 2D and 3D sketches; use editing and its features, dimensions, 2D features. In addition, you learn part modelling using 3D features like extrude, extruded-cut, revolve, sweep and others


Students learn to create advanced 2D and 3D objects with advanced part modeling . Furthermore, you will assemble parts, generate detail drawing, use add-ons Modules and more.

Duration: 30 Hours

Course Outline


– Graphic User Interface
– System Requirement
– Basic Part Modeling
– File Management
– Solidworks Environment

– 2D sketching and relations
– 3D sketching and editing
– Dimension tools
– Sketching tools
– Copy, move, mirror and others

Part Modeling
– Extrude and extruded-cut
– Revolve and sweep
– Create reference geometry
– Fillet and chamfer
– Hole Wizard
– Calculating Weight/mass and other geometric properties
– Export and importing CAD files

Introduction to AutoCAD 3D
Using 3D commands – BOX, CYLINDER, TORUS, 3D ROTATE, MOVE etc.

Modifying 3D drawings – UNION, SUBTRACT, EXPLODE etc.

Using 3D Mesh

Design parts for manufacturing processes.

3D Design projects – Application to
Building drawings

Application to Mechanical Drawings

Advance 2D and 3D options

Advanced Part Modeling
– Ribs and draft
– Pattern
– Shell and boss features
– Material and assigning materials
– Library features and smart fasteners

Assembly Mode
– Inserting components
– Top-down and bottom-up Assembly
– Exploding Assemblies

– Generating detail drawing from assembly
– Add-ons Module

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