“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On LinkedIn, I noticed a common trend among folks. Most people upload certificates of skills recently acquired or courses recently completed. Some even include stories on the stress they went through to acquire those certificates. Getting certified in a field or course, no doubt, is a great feat and is commendable. However we must note that, it is more than what you learn in school, it is what you apply in life. Anybody can hold a gun, but can everyone shoot it? Did you say yes? Well, if you did, you are right. But I would tell you this, shooting a gun is more than squeezing the trigger. You need to learn to load bullets, key it into position (safe key), aim and most importantly, have the courage to squeeze that trigger. That is not as easy as you think and that is what makes a soldier different from a civilian – COURAGE.

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Let us come back to our topic. Some weeks ago I completed a Digital Marketing Course organized by Google, took the final exam and got certified. The course was really nice and helpful but could be exhausting. It has 26 modules and each module will have an average of 4 lessons. How good are you in maths? So you see, you surely need something to keep pushing you in order to complete the course. For me it was curiousity. The push could be – getting the certificate – for another person. (Ask me for the link if you are interested too).

You need to know that before taking this course, I have been involved in various online (digital) marketing for over 5 years and most of what I learnt from the course are what I have been doing, but I never knew there were names and terminologies for them. There is something about courses like this; they bring out professionalism in what you do. You begin to see your online activities in a new realm and identify opportunities in previously unnoticed places.

Digital marketing is an important aspect of sale. It is not complementing the traditional marketing strategy but it is a whole practice on its own. With the knowledge, you can build a strategy that fit your business, improve how your website ranks on search engines, use the various analytic tools to measure your performance and make wise decisions so as to meet your goals. You also realize the importance of pictures, videos and animations and best time and places to use them. SEM, SEO, optimized contents; all sounds big but are really simple. Mastering and applying the above could increase your client base and transcends your sales.

2020 has brought a tremendous change in our economic life and the way we use the internet. Buying and selling activities are now done online more than in previous times. COVID-19 could be a factor but this could most likely be an introduction to what is to come. Not everybody will have the time to take up a digital marketing course, not everyone who takes the course will apply (practice) but as I understand our way of lives keep evolving; everyone and every business will need to use the internet to stay relevant. What you don’t have time to do yourself that is what you pay someone to do for you. In order not miss out of the opportunities online, ensure you stay in touch with an experienced digital marketer (strategist).

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In conclusion, it is important to stay updated and get knowledge in every area possible. Even while you do these, take time to apply. You tend to forget what you do not use. Also next time you want to share your story, remember to include samples of the areas where you have applied or intend to apply those skills. I hope you find this helpful.

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