The only constant element in life is change. Change is constant, quite ironical though. Change is an essential part of our lives, systems and society. Any organization or set up that refuses to adapt to change will definitely be phased out. As important as the need to maintain a unique identity in this crowded, the need to be flexible is even more dire. And if we are to see to the sustainability of our ideas, we need to be open to these changes. Therefore in this series, we shall be considering how key areas of our lives have changed considerably over time. The first in this series would be considering how our workplace has changed has changed.

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What has changed?

Work is an integral part of all world cultures whether in the developing or developed societies. And like other parts of our lives, it is also subject to change. So, we shall be considering key changes in our workplace and workspace.

  • Business Automation: Automation and Artificial Intelligence have become the buzzword for most modern businesses. In fact, they are not just hype, they are an essential super tool our organizations have to embrace if they are going to scale up with the ever challenging and changing business environment and consumer needs. While many fear that automation and artificial intelligence is going to render many jobless, its productive potentials far outweigh its disruptive tendencies. In fact, it would give a massive boost to our productive levels by taking over repetitive,boring and dangerous work while allowing workers to gain more complex and invaluable skill sets such as critical reasoning and creativity. The sole aim of automation is to create an “auto-mate for workers and not an “auto-competitor”. The bottom line is that for the modern employees to coexist in perfect symphony with automation and intelligent systems, they must possess the ever important attribute of being able to adapt to change and be flexible in learning.

Not business as usual

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  • Remote work, home offices and Collaborative Platforms: Due to efforts to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, most organizations have resorted to working from home, limiting business and office commute to the barest minimum. The use of collaborative platforms such as Slack have become common place. The post-Covid workspace is most likely to retain these changes as they are a lot more efficient and also cut operational costs too. Employees will most likely be allowed less physical meetings per week for tasks that require physical interaction to be maximized.

How work is now being done

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  • Innovative office layout and design: Office layout has taken a new dimension has the complexity of the office design problems have increased. The goal of an efficient office layout now includes ensuring that space and light are maximized while ensuring the probability that infections will spread from employee to employee is minimal. This is achieved through the use of plant barriers instead of material shielding, implementation of larger hallways to give room for social distancing, integration of decontamination systems into air conditioners and the launching of contactless and touchless technologies. This would be a very sumptuous challenge for engineers, architects and realtors as well.

The above are just few of the changes that have reshaped the way we work and trust me, a host of other changes will soon be unveiled. But to stay on top of our games, we should be ready to do one thing that’s constant in life-CHANGE!

Written by Emmanuel OGUNSOLA

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