“Never underestimate a man with dreams…”
What some people thought was impossible some years ago has been done. Two Astronauts from NASA has arrived at the international space station after 19hours of travel from earth.
But that is not new, we have been moving Astronauts to and fro space for some years now.
What made it unique then? This is the first time, after almost 10years since the first American space programme was brought to an end, that Astronauts would be sent directly to space on American Spacecraft built by American Commercial company on American soil. That’s not all, the rocket used in the launch will be reused for subsequent launches thereby cutting costs of building a new one.
When Elon Musk proposed this idea, a number of people opposed him, some claimed it is impossible. These are people Elon Musk look up. But instead of him to be discouraged, he was rather determined to prove them wrong.
Today we see # ElonMusk as a hero. You too, what are you doing today that does not makes sense to anyone but you? Do not give up on it. Everything is possible for those who believes. It will end in testimony.

ARK – means A Random Kindness. Encouraging you to be kind to someone everyday.

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