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We will be focusing on how to research for keywords (KEYWORDS RESEARCH).


Remember that keywords are words that people type and search for in order to get desired results on search engines. They are also called Search Queries.

Keyword Research then is finding and analysing search queries, so as to discover and have a knowledge of what people are searching for?

Most times, it’s good to know what people are looking for online mostly so you can now build your contents around it.

No writer or content marketer would want to write an article without getting readers.


(1) Find your competitors:

In order to determine the keyword that best suit your business, you need to learn from your competitors especially those businesses that are currently ahead of you.

Assume you are trying to start or boost your e-commerce website, if you’re in Nigeria, your competitors would be one of the following

– Jumia
– Konga
And others…

So try to make a list of at least 10 businesses in your niche/field.

(2) Competitors Keywords

In your browser, search for Ubersugggest or enter https://keywordtool.io/

Enter competitors websites one after the other and collect their Keywords.

You might consider using an Excel Spreadsheet to make Keywords collection easier.

(3) Searching Keywords with keywords

Take the Keywords from step 2 and search for similar keywords by entering them in the search area to discover more related searches.

(4) Google Autocomplete

You must have noticed that every time you type on Google, it brings up some additional words to serve as suggestions to what you might probably be looking for.

That’s Google’s Autocomplete. You can know what people are searching for or how they are searching for them through Google Autocomplete. You can now build your contents around these.

One additional use of Google Autocomplete is, it is essential when you want a long tail Keywords. Remember I explained the types of keywords in PART 1.

I HOPE YOU FIND THIS ARTICLE HELPFUL? Be on the lookout for my next article that is directed to help you grow your business.

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