Man is the sum of his memories,
We ‘kuku’ know we can’t die without living.
Give me a horn of ale
And forget to pour yourself late…
Who, do you think I am?
Every shadow has a face;
What, do you think I crave?

Gold? Women? Love?
Hope? Affection? Honour?
If you have enough of those, perhaps,
You can buy a road in the sky.

Man sails his hopeless gaze, trailing behind his precious days.
He created time,
And because of this suffers a stupefying fear
That no other animal nurtures-
The fear of time running out.
Forgive my arrogance
But give me back my ignorance
What man does not know
Is, man does not know, what he does not know.

Written by Ogunkeye Tobi Iyanu

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