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Just yesterday, a potential client contacted me and was like, “Mr. Adeniyi, I’m trying to expand my business. Though I would have really loved to have my own e-commerce website but that would mean me spending all my profits.”  Well, like I always do, I smiled.

A lot of people are like this. They want to expand their customer base. They know having an online (web) store will be a giant stride. Though they know that it would be a worthwhile investment but their current financial stand cannot make them afford it. If you fall in this category, I have very great news for you.

You do not (necessarily) need to have your own website or private online store for clients to locate and buy from you. There is an easy and effective means of doing this. You can carve out your own website in an “already existing website.” No doubt, I am confusing you. Don’t worry, you will soon understand.

Facebook store is a page where you can sell your products. You must have been seeing a lot of pages on Facebook. Some well packaged and managed; while others are just there (I believe you know what I mean?). With the right design (set up), packaging and management, your Facebook page can perform the function or act like your website.

Why should you consider having your Facebook Mini-website (Facebook store)?

The goal of almost every business is to make profit. These profits come when you are patronized by a lot of people. Do you agree? Facebook currently have over two (2) billion active users worldwide. What I am saying is, by creating a Facebook store it would be easy to get market for your products or services. You are getting it now, right? With your store active, people can buy directly from there without having to come to you physically. They can even pay you right there.

The BIG Question: What does it takes to have your Facebook Mini-website (Business store)?

I was about to say NOTHING, then I remembered that you have to make certain sacrifices. Nothing is free in this life. First you need to identify the type of business you are running or products you are selling. This will guide you in the setting up of the store. The design your store will take depends greatly on the type of product you sell or services you render – a lot of people don’t know this.

As regards this, I will be setting up for as many people (businesses) as possible who will like to have their own professional mini-website (store) on Facebook within these two weeks for as low as #5,000. If you are in the category of these people, be sure to get in touch with me on telephone or WhatsApp – 08132380951 or message me directly. Subsequently, you can raise enough money for your own website.

I do hope you find this write-up helpful. Shortage of cash should not stop or deter you from building your business. Feel free to drop your questions and enquiry.

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